User ID:   Partners User Name
Password:   Partners Password


1. Display the Partners HealthStream login page.

2. Enter your User ID.

3. Enter your Password.

4. Click Login - If prompted, follow additional authorization steps included in the prompt to complete login

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I receive the error message: "User ID not found in this organization. Please try again." What do I do?

A1. Your information must be current and complete in the Partners source database (i.e.: PeopleSoft, MSO). HealthStream accounts are created either daily or weekly from the Partners databases. There may be a delay after your start/credentialing date before your account is available in HealthStream. Confirm that your information is accurate in the Partners database and then try logging into HealthStream again in a few days or the following week.

A2. HealthStream is not used by all workforce members. Check with your supervisor or Partners administrative contact to find out if you should have access.

Q2. How can I confirm my Partners User name?

A. Contact your Partners supervisor, credentialing administrator or other Partners administrative contact for this information.

Q3. How can I find more help?

A. Contact the Partners IS Service Desk. Numbers are available on the Password Self Service page.

Partners HealthStream login page