During the recent “Governor’s Online Digital Learning Summit,” hosted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Governor Charlie Baker announced the establishment of a new Commission on Digital Innovation and Lifelong Learning. This commission will develop recommendations that will lead to more online learning opportunities for Massachusetts residents to obtain education and skills for in-demand fields. This summit brought together businesses, including Partners HealthCare, and higher education institutions to announce new partnerships around online learning.

During the Summit, MJ Ryan, Director of Partners Workforce Development, announced plans to expand opportunities for employees to earn a certificate in Health Care Management, co-created by Partners and the accredited, non-profit College for America (CfA) program at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). The certificate will be “stackable” to an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, or it can stand alone as a focused certificate program. Over the past three years, more than 400 Partners employees have enrolled in these online courses to work toward their certificate, associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree.

The Summit was an excellent forum, and we were all challenged by Governor Baker to create access to higher education and lifetime learning for everyone through collaborative employer/education partnerships and more flexible and relevant learning opportunities for working adults.

MJ Ryan Director of Partners Workforce Development

“Our partnership with CfA certainly meets the Governor’s challenge, and I am excited to see the fruits of the new Commission he is establishing to create similar opportunities throughout the Commonwealth,” said Ryan.

Judith Crawford was invited to speak at the Summit about her employee/student experience. Currently an Administrative Assistant at the Spaulding Outpatient Center in Marblehead, Crawford has taken full advantage of the Partners/CfA program and other Partners Workforce Development programs. She is about to complete her bachelor’s degree through CfA – after previously completing her CfA associate’s degree. Read her success story.

To learn more from Ryan and Crawford, watch the of the Partners HealthCare segment of the summit starting at 2:02:45.