The Partners in Career and Workforce Development (PCWD) program was recently selected as the Workforce Training Partnership of the Year in the 2014 Workforce Champion Awards. The Awards are given out by the Massachusetts Workforce Solutions Group, and were distributed at the Jobs and Workforce Develop Summit held in October.

Award trophy

 The 2014 Workforce Champion Award
“We are extremely honored to win this award, and proud of all that this program has accomplished,” said MJ Ryan, Director of the Workforce Development program at Partners HealthCare. "We are also grateful to be honored with our excellent partner organizations, Project Hope and Jewish Vocational Service."

PCWD is a health care training and education program, built on strong community partnerships and informed by hiring managers across the Partners HealthCare System, that prepares community residents who may otherwise have not had the opportunity to gain employment and develop careers within Partners and its affiliates.

Over the past ten years, close to 500 community residents have participated in PCWD. Of those participants, the program boasts

  • A 91% graduation rate
  • An 86% placement rate a
  • An 80% one year retention rate

The award highlighted the fact that the PCWD program’s success depends on strong collaborative relationships with Project Hope and Jewish Vocational Service (JVS).  Located in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood, Project Hope provides outreach, recruitment and case management services for the program, holding multiple recruitment events, assessing candidates, and referring the majority of our program participants. JVS is an important contributor to the design of the curriculum and provides participants with pertinent career development workshops and invaluable mock interview experience. 

Each year Workforce Solutions Group honors community partners who have contributed significantly to enhancing workforce development with its Champion Awards. Workforce Solutions Group is a statewide advocacy coalition of business, labor, community and workforce development groups that advocate for skills training and employment opportunities for low and moderate income individuals.

Watch a video that profiles two brothers who took part in the PCWD program and currently work within the Partners HealthCare System. 

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