Neighborhood Health Plan this month launched a first-of-its kind insurance initiative to enable more providers to treat substance use disorders. NHP, the not-for-profit health plan and member of Partners HealthCare, is addressing the shortage of providers who can prescribe life-saving treatments for opioid overdoses.

NHP is working on the following:

  • Increasing the number of providers with prescribing authority by giving financial incentives to train and certify prescribers on medication-assisted treatments, such as Suboxone and other buprenorphine drugs
  • Does not require prior authorization for certain drugs to help patients
  • Waives copays for Narcan
  • Provides follow-up care with recovery coaches for patients at risk for relapses

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The opioid epidemic is the among most urgent public health crises that society faces today. We have an obligation to bring every tool that medical science has available to combat this epidemic and help those suffering from substance use disorder heal and start on the road to full recovery. The initiatives that NHP has crafted will help improve the quality of life for countless families across the Commonwealth.

David Torchiana, M.D. President and CEO of Partners HealthCare, board chair of RIZE Massachusetts