The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many lives and as a result caused much anxiety and confusion for individuals trying to cope with a new normal. To help reduce anxiety Nathaniel Van Kirk, PhD, Kathryn D. Boger, PhD, ABPP, and Marni J. Chanoff, MD, from McLean share 5 ways to manage anxiety during this time.

  1. Stay informed – Follow media coverage from reputable sources like the Centers for Disease ControlWorld Health Organization and the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress.
  2. Keep calm – If you find that you’re thinking unhelpful and extreme thoughts, try to catch yourself.
  3. Make a plan – Put together a list of food supplies, medications and contacts. Be sure to update this list regularly. It may be helpful to reach out to your personal network or seek out a support network in your area.
  4. Pay attention to your emotions – Be sure to check in on how you’re feeling and try to manage your emotions.
  5. Look after yourself – Take time to do things for yourself like getting a good night’s rest, eating balanced meals, and exercising. To help manage anxiety you can also practice mindfulness, cognitive coping and breathing exercises.