The MGH Institute of Health Professions has announced important dates for the application to two of its programs:

MGH Institute PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences---Application review begins March 1

The PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences at the MGH institute of Health Professions is designed for clinically certified health care professionals who wish to acquire the advanced knowledge and skills to conduct clinical research with an emphasis on assessing clinical outcomes in rehabilitation. Full funding is available for up to six qualified candidates. Application review begins March 1.

Graduates from the program are well prepared to pursue a research-oriented career in academic, research, and/or health care settings.

One of fewer than 20 such programs in the country, the MGH Institute program provides students the opportunity to work with internationally renowned experts in the heart of the U.S. medical community.

A hallmark of the program is the interdisciplinary composition of its faculty, curriculum, and student body. Students will come from a mix of rehabilitation-related disciplines, including but not limited to physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, rehabilitation nursing, and/or physiatry/rehabilitation medicine.

For more information, visit or call (617) 726-8008.

MGH Institute Master of Science in Health Professions Education---Application deadline: April 1

Responding to the call for innovative educational reform and collaborative leadership in the health professions, the MGH Institute is launching a new Master of Science in Health Professions Education. This part-time, online program is designed for credentialed health professionals and others involved in health professionals education who wish to enhance their teaching and curriculum development abilities.

This innovative master’s program is designed for credentialed health professionals who wish to improve their teaching methods.

The 33-credit program addresses core educator competencies – with the ultimate goal of effectively preparing the next generation of health profession leaders.

Learn more about the Master of Science in Health Professions Education at the MGH IHP.