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Through an exciting new partnership with Partners HealthCare, Liz Walker and the Better Living team are highlighting community health programs at Partners hospitals and the health centers over the next several months. The pieces represent our commitment to the communities we serve and to enhancing access to health care, building tomorrow’s health care workforce, and improving the health and well-being of our communities through prevention.

In the October 2011 premiere of this Better Living series, Walker produced three stories about community health connections.


Shared Appointments

Nurse talking to patients at a shared appointment

Shared appointments are helping patients with similar conditions see their physicians more quickly, and foster a sense of community. Multiple patients attend one appointment with a caregiver to learn strategies that help them to live healthier lives. The clip profiles a group of pregnant women at the Codman Square Community Health Center and patients with back pain at North Shore Community Health Center. View the video.

Khmer American Youth in Action (KAYA) Leadership Program

Members of KAYA- youth group from Lynn volunteer at a farm.

KAYA is a bi-cultural program at the Lynn Community Health Center. KAYA offers Cambodian teens opportunities to engage in community service and build leadership skills through youth-led programming. For many young people in Lynn, gangs are part of their lives. KAYA offers teenagers healthier choices that led to healthier lives. KAYA is a collaboration among many area organizations, including Partners HealthCare, North Shore Medical Center, and the Lynn Community Health Center. Other organizations involved include the Greater Lynn YMCA, Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma, Catholic Charities North and Gordon College. Youth leadership is a priority for Partners-affiliated institutions. View the video.

Fitzgerald Youth Sports Institute Obesity Program

Nutrition expert talking with kids about sugar intake

The Fitzgerald Youth Sports Institute is partnering with Partners HealthCare, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Charlestown Community Health Center on obesity intervention that focuses on lifestyle change. It aims to teach young people in Boston how to make better nutritional choices about what they eat and drink. Instructors work with kids to help them understand just how much sugar they are drinking in sodas, juices, and sports drinks and how it affects their health. View the video.