Logo for Better Living TV ShowThrough an exciting new partnership with Liz Walker and the Better Living team, Partners HealthCare is highlighting community health programs at the hospitals and licensed and affiliated health center across the Partners network, and by our external partners. The segments in the programs represent our commitment to the communities we serve by enhancing access to health care, building tomorrow’s health care workforce, and improving the health and well-being of our communities through prevention.

In the March 2012 episode of Better Living, Walker focused on pathways to quality, affordable health care for patients. The route featured Boston Med Flight, NeighborCare, Mattapan Community Health Center, and Working Partners – a program that enables people with disabilities to enter the workforce.


Boston Med Flight

Med Flight helicopter landing

Boston Med Flight serves some of the sickest patients and most urgent medical cases in the Boston area. The company transports trauma patients from community hospitals into Boston hospitals for care that is often not available at a local facility. Med Flight puts safety first by collaborating with cities, towns, area hospitals, and ambulance companies to ensure that the right decisions are being made for the patient in need.

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Doctor and health care worker talking at community health center

“Boston's  Doc” -  Huy Nguyen -  Medical Director of Boston's Public Health Commission and pediatrician at Dorchester House, talks about Mayor Tom Menino’s new program, NeighborCare. A main goal of NeighborCare is to remind patients about opportunities for high quality health care right in their own neighborhood community health centers. Encouraging patients to connect to care at their community health centers helps to reduce unnecessary ER visits and cut costs.  

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Working Partners

Doctor and patient involved with the Working Partners program

The Working Partners program offers qualified people with disabilities the skills and support they need to find jobs and enhance their lives. Spaulding Rehabilitation Network is training and investing in people with disabilities to fill health care jobs. This public/private partnership encourages newly injured people to begin to thinking right away about getting back to work as a way to set goals, and to speed recovery.

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Mattapan Community Health Center Expansion

New Mattapan Health Center under construction

The Mattapan Community Health Center is getting a new, larger home that will better accommodate its many patients, most of whom come from the close-knit community of Mattapan. As the largest employer in Mattapan, the health center provides care for residents—both in their homes and in the doctor's office—and encourages patients to lead a healthier lifestyle. With the expansion, the health center hopes to triple the number of people that it serves.

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