Logo for Better Living TV ShowThrough an exciting new partnership with Partners HealthCare, Liz Walker and the Better Living team are highlighting community health programs at Partners hospitals and the health centers over the next several months. The pieces represent our commitment to the communities we serve and to enhancing access to health care, building tomorrow’s health care workforce, and improving the health and well-being of our communities through prevention.

In the January 2012 episode of Better Living, Walker focused on programs that enhance  access to health care, increase economic and educational opportunities, address violence prevention with young people, and highlighted how a community coalition is working together to improve its overall health and well-being.


Patient Housing

Homeless patients receiving care

Many patients come to Boston for complex medical care. Often these patients live far away and need a place to stay while they are receiving treatment. Hospitality Homes provides this service by linking area residents with patients in need.

Homeless patients needing care can rely on the Barbara McInnis House. Nurses and doctors at the Barbara McInnis House care for homeless patients who are too sick to return to a shelter, but may not need to be admitted to the hospital. View the video.

Revere CARES community outreach program

Revere CARES members walking on Revere beach

In the battle against drug and alcohol abuse, Revere CARES has had an overwhelmingly positive influence. The coalition, led by community members and organizations in Revere and is part of the MGH Center for Community Health Improvement, educates teens in the city about substance abuse. Because of the efforts of this program, binge drinking among high school students in Revere dropped 39 % between 1999 and 2009.

As a result of the advocacy that Revere CARES has done, the Revere Fire Department has become the first in the country that is allowed to carry NARCAN on their apparatus. NARCAN is an internasal spray that reverses the effects of an opiate overdose. View the video.

Internship and Job Training

Hospital worker and nurse discussing paperwork

The Partners Career and Workforce Development (PCWD) program offers job training and internships for local residents who are interested in having careers in health care.
Here, Rhonda Maloney describes how PCWD has helped her to reach her goals. Rhonda works as a practice secretary at Brigham and Women's Hospital and is currently working towards a degree and a career as an occupational therapist. View the video.

Youth Unscripted

Youth role playing skit

Youth Unscripted is a creative way for young people to improve their communication skills and resolve conflicts in a collaborative, peaceful manner.

In this episode, Health Care Ambassadors from Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center work with actors from the theater troupe Urban Improv and resolve a staged confrontation between the young people and the police. View the video.

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