When faced with the impossible combination of a global pandemic and a widespread shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), health care professionals at Brigham and Women’s Hospital looked at possible solutions - and developed a creative COVID-19 testing approach that circumvents the need for PPE during patient testing while optimizing safety.

The approach uses a B-Protected COVID-19 Testing Booth created by Brigham doctors, in which an emergency department nurse stands inside a booth equipped with large gloves that extend outward toward a patient in need of testing. It enables the nurse to swab the patient to perform the test, without the typically required donning and doffing of gloves, masks and gowns.

“The booth acts as a highly protective barrier between the patient and the provider as testing occurs,” says Kevin Giordano, Senior Vice President of Clinical Services at the Brigham.

The booth was developed by Sherry Yu, MD, a Brigham physician who was inspired by similar approaches used in South Korea. “It just started as a sketch on a whiteboard and within 96 hours the first model was built,” says Dr. Yu.

The Brigham plans to build several more booths, which undergo daily sterilization, for use in the testing center and respiratory clinic.

“The booth is reflective of the people here at Brigham: thoughtful, smart, humble, driven and hardworking individuals,” said Giordano.

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise, the booths complement efforts underway at the Brigham and other Partners HealthCare hospitals to work with state and federal officials to ensure adequate levels of PPE.

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