• Lori Berkowitz, MD, presenting to the Partners Resident and Fellow Well Being Task Force

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  • 2017 Medical Education Award Winners

    Pictured left to right: Matina Horner, PhD; Amanda Maidment; Tracey Cho, MD; Jennifer Temel, MD; Stuart Beck, MD; Theresa McLoud, MD; Douglas Mata, MD; and Sarah Rae Easter, MD.

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  • Photo with headline

    Raj Panjabi, MD, MPH, physician with BWH Division of Global Equity and a graduate of the MGH Internal Medicine residency, is the 2017 TED Prize winner.

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Centers of Expertise: Enrichment Opportunities

The Centers of Expertise offer residents and fellows an opportunity to explore areas of medicine and health care delivery relevant to all specialties such as quality and safety, global health, health care management, and health policy.

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Global and Humanitarian Health

Addressing the needs of vulnerable populations, the Center encompasses research and care delivery in varied resource-poor settings. Faculty bring expertise from many aspects of this complex domain.

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Health Policy and Management

The Center of Expertise in Health Policy and Management offers opportunities to understand the range of leadership roles and complexity of decision making  in academic health care management, as well as the impact that political and economic forces that shape the future of the health care market.

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Medical Education

Encompassing clinical teaching, medical education scholarship, and education administration and leadership, the Center creates high-impact opportunities for trainees.

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Patient Care Quality and Patient Safety

The Center focuses on aspects of safety and quality of care working and facilitates work with senior leaders in areas including just culture, patient-centered care, timeliness, efficiency, and equity.

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Intern/Resident/Fellow Orientation

MGH Intern Orientation: Wednesday, June 13, 2018

BWH Intern Orientation: Friday, June 15, 2018

BWH/MGH Resident and Clinical Fellow Orientation: Monday, July 2 (for those starting in July)

BWH/MGH Resident and Clinical Fellow Orientation: Tuesday, July 31 (for those starting in August)

Graduate Medical Education Awards Deadline

The deadline for nominations for the 2018 Medical Education awards is 5:00 pm, Tuesday, 7/31/18. Nominations should be submitted electronically to Jean Tammaro See the GME website section on Medical Education Awardsfor descriptions and a list of past recipients.