Chronobiology Core


Core Summary:

The Chronobiology Core provides a central resource for trained personnel specialized in Chronobiology procedures, available to investigators on an hourly basis. The core simplifies new-study start-ups, reduces costs by sharing personnel among studies, provides a centralized pool of similarly trained personnel, provides specialized training in chronobiology procedures for investigators' personnel, and can assist investigators in implementing new study procedures and equipment.

FY15 User Fees (Effective 10/01/14):



Internal Users
External Users

Non-Partners AMC and Non-Profit
Support for Subject Monitoring
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Biological Specimen Transfers
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Data Processing
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Scheduling Fees
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IV Tubing Handling
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Temp Sensors
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Shared MD Coverage
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Actiwatch Rentals
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Blood Label
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Saliva and Urine Label
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Shipping – Pharmasan Small
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Shipping – Pharmasan Medium
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Shipping – Pharmasan Large
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