MGH Pathology Simches and CNY Flow Cytometry Core and Flow Image Analysis

Director: Frederic Preffer, Ph.D
Location: Massachusetts General Hospital Boston Campus Location: Simches 3.434 Charlestown Navy Yard Location: CNY 6.307

Core Summary:

The cell sorting and analysis lab provides access to the most sophisticated flow cytometers presently available. The core is able to analyze and physically separate cells based upon features detectable with fluorescently labeled monoclonal antibodies. The Amnis technology combines flow with fluorescent and bright field image based analysis.

Personnel/Contact Information:

Director: Frederic Preffer, Ph.D.
Phone: (617) 726-7481
Fax: (617) 724-3164

Other Staff:

Senior Research Technician, MGH Boston Simches site:
Mr. David Dombkowski
Phone: (617) 726-1683

Senior Research Technician, CNY site:
Ravi Mylvaganam, Ph.D.
Phone: (617) 643

For questions about the Amnis technology please contact:
Scott Mordecai
Phone: (617) 726-1683


Facilities and Equipment:

The Simches site is located in room 3.434 in the Simches Building, MGH Boston.

Major Equipment (Simches):

  • Analytic Eight Laser LSR configured with 355 nm, 407 nm, 488 nm, 532 nm, 552 nm, 594 nm, 641 nm, and 780 nm air cooled lasers providing a wide range of excitation possibilities.
  • Modified Digital Vantage Cell Sorter with two water-cooled argon, two krypton and one air cooled 633 nm laser.
  • Amnis ImageStreamx mkII Imaging Flow Cytometer configured with 373nm, 405nm, 488nm, 560nm, 592nm, 642nm lasers. This dual camera 12-channel instrument has 20x, 40x and 60x Magnification, EDF and 96-well plate capability.

The Charlestown Navy Yard (CNY) site is located in room 6.307 in CNY Building 149, 13th Street, Charlestown Navy Yard.

Major Equipment (CNY):

  • Analytic four Laser LSR II configured with 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, and 633 nm air cooled lasers.
  • Analytic four Laser Fortessa  configured with 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, and 633 nm air cooled lasers.
  • A four laser FACSAriaII cell sorter configured with 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm and 633 nm air cooled lasers.

State of the art multiparametric flow cytometric analysis, cell sorting, and flow-based imaging analysis.

FY14 User Fees (Effective 10/1/13):

Internal Users
External Users
Non Partners AMC & Non-profit
For-Profit & Industry
Digital FACSVantage - Simches
LSRII - Simches
LSRII with operator - CNY
LSRII without operator - CNY
Fortessa  w/out operaor-CYN
Fortessa  with operator - CNY
Amnis Smiches
Technician Time

Getting Started:

To access the core, please contact Dr. Frederic Preffer at (617) 726-7481 or by email at Alternatively, you can contact David Dombkowski at (617) 726-1683 or by email at for the Simches facility or Ravi Mylvaganam, Ph.D. at (617) 643-6771 or by email at

For questions about the Amnis technology please contact Scott Mordecai at (617) 726 -1683 or by email at SMORDECAI@PARTNERS.ORG



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