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Recombinant Protein Expression and Purification Core
Scientific Director: Dr. David Sachs
Location: Building CNY 149-6117C 13th St. Charlestown, MA 02129


Core Summary:

The Recombinant Protein Expression and Purification (RPrEP) Core was established in 2009 to provide a cost-effective resource to the MGH and DF/ HCC community for expression and purification of recombinant proteins necessary for pre-clinical studies as well as for basic mechanistic studies by immunologists and cancer biologists.

Recombinant Proteins can be manufactured by this Core for a variety of applications according to MGH-DF/ HCC investigator needs. In addition to large-scale production of recombinant proteins in yeast Pichia pastoris, a cost effective small-scale production service will be provided using E.coli or yeast Pichia pastoris expression system (e.g. for small animal studies, use as immunogens, ELISAs, or high throughput microarray platforms).

Personnel/Contact Information:


  • Scientific Director: Dr. David H. Sachs
  • Scientific Co-director: Dr. Christene A. Huang
  • Technical Director: Dr. Zhirui Wang
  • Accounts Manager: Pat Kiszkiss

Contact Information:

Technical Director: Dr. Zhirui Wang
Phone: (617) 643-1957
Email: zhirui.wang@tbrc.mgh.harvard.edu

Facilities & Equipment:

Location of Core:

The facility is located at CNY 149-6117C 13th St. Charlestown, MA 02129.


BioFlo 510 Fermentor: 19.5L New Brunswick Scientific
HPLC System Shimadzu
Refrigerated Orbital Shaking Incubators (3) New Brunswick Scientific
Bio-Rad GenePulser X-Cell BioRad
Spectrophotometer BioRad
Large scale purification columns (Index 100/500 column) GE Healthcare
GeneAmp PCR System 9700 Applied Biosystem
Refrigerated Centrifuge 5417R Eppendorf
Refrigerated Centrifuge Legend RT Sorvall
The Endosafe-PTS Portable Test System Charles River Laboratories



Recombinant protein expression and purification in yeast Pichia pastoris

  • Codon optimization for yeast expression
  • Synthesis of entire codon-optimized gene of interest
  • Cloning/subcloning of the codon-optimized gene of interest into a yeast expression vector
  • Transformation of yeast and selection of transformants
  • Verification of expression of the gene of interest by SDS gel and Western blot
  • Small-scale expression from one to three liters
  • Development of efficient purification strategy
  • Scale-up expression using BioFlo 510 fermentor
  • Large scale purification of recombinant protein

Large scale production of immunotoxins for cell depletion studies

Large scale production of recombinant cytokines (e.g. IL-2, IL-3, SCF, GM-CSF) not available or prohibitively expensive from commercial sources

Cost effective small-scale production using E.coli or yeast Pichia pastoris expression system for a variety of applications including small animal studies, for use as immunogens, for ELISAs, and for high throughput microarray platforms

BioFlo 510 Fermentor (seen below) usage service

*Access to the Core will be available to all members of the research community. Priority will be given to MGH and DF/HCC users.  

Fee Schedule/Rates:
Currently Available Products & Services
Internal Users
External Users
Partners & DF/HCC
Non-Partners AMC & Non-Profit
For-Profit & Industry
Murine IL2
$10/ 10ug
$14.4/ 10ug
Human IL2
$10/ 10ug
$14.4/ 10ug
NHP CD3 immunotoxin
$900/ mg
$1,296/ mg
Porcine CD3 immunotoxin
$450/ mg
$648/ mg
Human Annexin A2
$90/ mg
$129.60/ mg
NHP IL3 (Gly and Non-N-Gly)
$90/ mg
$129.60/ mg
Porcine IL3 (Gly and Non-N-Gly)
Cost + 44%
Porcine CTLA-4 DT390 fusion toxin
Porcine CTLA-4 (Gly and Non-N-Gly)
Murine CD40L (monomer, dimer, trimer)
Use of BioFlo 510 fermentor
New Recombinant Protein Development
$3,500 (see description)
Recombinant Protein Development Service Description
Development of recombinant yeast expression protocol and purification strategy including:
Codon optimization for expression in pichia pastoris system
Synthesis of entire codon optimized gene
Sequence confirmation
Cloning the gene into a yeast expression vector
Transformation of yeast and selection of transformants
Development of the expression protocol using shaker flasks
Verification of the expression by SDS gel and Western blot analysis
NOTE: If the expression level is too low or the protein cannot be solubilized, project may be terminated at this stage and investigator will be charged $2500 for service performed

Development of the two step purification protocol (can be used in vivo)

For convenient purification, we will add a 6xHis Tag in the C-terminus

Purified material from 1L fermentation run using shaker flasks for functional testing
(No Charge)
The amount of material supplied depends on expression efficiency and yield after purification
Cost of additional protein to be determined based on expression level and yield

Getting Started:

To access the core, please contact Dr. Zhirui Wang at (617) 643-1957 or by email at