Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Treatment Support (CMTS)

Client: Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Treatment Support (CMTS)
Location: Athens, Greece

Project Scope:

The launch of the innovative Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Treatment Support (CMTS) Program by the leadership and staff of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Greek physicians have the opportunity to collaborate with MGH colleagues to provide a high standard of coordinated, multidimensional health care to patients.

The CMTS program operates as an international virtual clinic, providing enhanced service support to treating physicians and the patient. The benefits of the Program include: multidisciplinary standard of care, expert medical navigation, a consultation period covering the term of treatment, and administrative assistance for patients and treating physicians.

Ultimately, the CMTS program provides Greek physicians with the latest innovative research discoveries and translational science to add unique value to management of the patient.  This includes informing Greek physicians of relevant innovations such as genomic determinants and markers useful for personalized therapeutics and potential clinical trials to pursue if conventional therapy fails.  Anticipating the patient’s future needs and aligning them with the most current innovations in science and medicine, enables participating physicians access to a larger team to offer the most current innovative care for their patients.



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