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Partners HealthCare International® (PHI) is an academically-based international health care organization whose mission it is to enhance the capabilities of health care systems worldwide. Partners HealthCare International, founded in 1997, is the international division of Partners HealthCare, an integrated health care system founded by Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the two largest teaching hospitals of Harvard Medical School.

Our goal is to effect transformative, sustainable improvements in health care across the globe. PHI utilizes the resources of five Harvard Medical School teaching hospitals and the overall Partners HealthCare system  to help improve health care systems, academic programs and patient care. Our multi-faceted offerings are tailored to the needs of our clients and prospective clients. We focus on evolving a local system’s capabilities and the care that is delivered locally. What makes PHI unique is our collaborative model of colleague to colleague partnerships that result in both local impact and global innovations – those partnerships are founded on the principal of working “shoulder to shoulder” with PHI’s core teams and Harvard-affiliated practitioners.

PHI offers clients unmatched breadth and depth of clinical expertise and capabilities. We have partnered with health care systems and health-related academic institutions in more than 40 countries focusing on co-developing custom solutions to effect sustainable change, so that communities across the globe have access to an ever higher standard of care.

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Education and Training Services

Better health care worldwide comes from enhancing the workforce and leadership capabilities of local health care systems.  PHI works with clients to plan and implement  innovative institutions and customized education and training programs for physicians, nurses and healthcare professionals at all professional levels.


Health Care Improvement Services

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  • Our  collaborative relationships focus on the creation of high-performance, sustainable systems, institutions and programs suitable to your healthcare system.  PHI works with clients at all stages of development including strategic planning, implementation, operationalization and quality control and improvement.


International Patient Care Services

Surgery Each year thousands of patients come to Boston from around the world for specialized medical care. PHI provides a pathway for international patients to five Harvard Medical School-affiliated teaching hospitals.





U.S. AMCs and medical facilitators: A changing relationship?

Read an article co-written by PHI’s Vice President Edwin McCarthy, about building productive relationships between academic medical centers (AMCs) and medical travel facilitators. 

Reprinted with permission from the International Medical Travel Journal, the world's leading journal for the medical travel industry, available at

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In-Country Contacts

We have local experts working in several countries who are available to discuss the specific needs and challenges within your market, and how best to partner with PHI to meet your goals.




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