Clinical and Quality Analysis

Diane L. Seger, RPh

Diane Seger is a Pharmaco-Informatics Specialist in the Information Sysytems Clinical and Quality Analysis (CQA) group at Partners HealthCare System. She is a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and is a registered pharmacist. Prior to being the Project Specialist for CQA Ms. Seger was a Clinical Systems Designer and Product Manager at HEALTHvision, a Pharmaco-Informatics Specialist for Partners IS - Clinical Systems Research and Development, and a Senior Research Pharmacist for Dr. David Bates in the Division of General Internal Medicine and Primary Care at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH). Ms. Seger has been an employee of BWH and Partners Healthcare System since 1985 and has over 15 years of clinical research and pharmco-informatics experience.

Areas of interest include:

•  Medication related clinical information systems design , research , and evaluation
•  Designing and evaluating medication related clinical decision support to enhance patient care and safety
•  Adverse drug event (ADE) and medication error detection, reduction and prevention.

Current projects include:

•  Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) Phase II: Evaluating the Impact of CPOE on the Quality, Safety and Cost of Care in MA Community Hospitals; Improving Safety and Quality with Outpatient Order Entry (LMR Prescribing Grant); Design and evaluation of advanced clinical decision support for Partner's LMR (Longitudinal Medical Record); Drug Drug Interactions; Drug Pregnancy; Drug - Lab; Drug Disease; Therapeutic duplication; Renal (Nephros) and Geriatric (Gerios) dosing

•  Merck Azole Anti-Fungal Study:
Empiric Fluconazole Study - Evaluating the Costs of and risk factors for failure of empiric azole therapy in cancer patients

•  Pediatric Weight Based dosing for Partners' LMR:
Design, implement and evaluate an electronic pediatric prescription writer for the ambulatory setting

•  Assessing the Frequency of Failure To Adhere to Black-Box Warnings in Outpatients:
The primary aim of this research is to determine the frequency of unsafe prescribing practices (defined as non-adherence to Physicians' Desk Reference black box warnings about drug-drug interactions, drug-disease interactions, and laboratory monitoring) that are potential causes of adverse drug events (ADEs) in the ambulatory setting.





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