PROSPECT: Promoting Respect and Ongoing Safety through Patient-centeredness, Engagement, Communication, and Technology
Patient SatisfActive Model

The Patient SatisfActive® Model’s primary aim is to incorporate a Patient-Centered Care approach into the MICU/Oncology clinician’s daily routine, to preserve patient dignity and respect and to enhance patient experience in real-time, by improving:

  • Communication between clinicians and patients/families
  • Attentiveness of clinicians to patient/family’s needs, concerns, expectations and perceptions
  • Engagement of patients/families in their care

The Model is a proactive, structured intervention that is incorporated into the existing MICU/Oncology workflow during three key periods of the patient’s hospitalization: Admission, Intermediate, and Transfer/Discharge.


The Brigham and Women’s Hospital PROSPECT project is part of the Libretto Consortium supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.