Applying Technology to Patient Care

The people and institutions of Partners HealthCare are finding new ways to improve health and treatment outcomes by designing new ways to apply technology to patient care.

Partners is helping heart failure patients actively manage their own care from home, through the use of self-monitoring devices.

Diabetes Connect and Blood Pressure Connect are programs that allow people with these chronic conditions to become more active managers of their care and achieve better outcomes.


Partners HealthCare is working with Epic, the industry-leading provider of health information technology, to develop and implement an integrated, electronic health information system at all institutions across the Partners network by 2017.

Partners Center for Connected Health is employing mobile health to reach new and different patient populations, leveraging technology that is already a part of everyday life—cell phones and texting. This includes pregnant women and patients with skin conditions.


Partners HealthCare was one of the earliest adopters of health information technology in the nation, including electronic medical records, e-prescribing, and our patient portal, Patient Gateway. Hear more about our efforts from a video with Cynthia Bero, Corporate Director of Information Systems for Partners Community Healthcare, Inc.

Virtual medicine provides a way for patients to communicate with their primary care physicians from home using a computer, video, and remote monitoring services. In this video, Ronald Dixon, MD, Director of the Virtual Practice Project, explains how he's used virtual medicine to improve patient satisfaction and care.



The Partners TeleStroke Center connects remote hospitals with stroke experts at Massachsetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital who can help diagnose a patient's stroke through the use of video monitoring technology.


Advancing Health Care: Connected Health

This video about Partners’ work in the area of connected health features Joseph Kvedar, MD, Director of Partners HealthCare’s Center for Connected Health and Stephanie Moore, MD, Director of the Center’s Connected Cardiac Care program, which works to keep heart failure patients out of the hospital.


Quality and Safety at Partners

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