Improving Efficiency/ Controlling Costs

Reducing health care costs is a priority at Partners HealthCare. We are committed to doing our part to avoid waste and unnecessary spending for our patients and for the nation’s health care system. We recognize that improving efficiency and controlling costs associated with care while ensuring the highest quality care is a responsibility we all share.

A critical part of Partners HealthCare’s effort to lower the costs of health care is through the effective use of generic equivalents for prescription drugs.

Partners HealthCare professionals have been working to identify creative ways to reduce the cost of care for high-risk, chronically ill patients while still providing excellent treatment.


Partners HealthCare is committed to ongoing process improvement to increase efficiency system-wide to improve patient care and help lower health care costs.


Quality and Safety at Partners

Quality graph lines

Advancing Health Care: Care Redesign

This video features Thomas H. Lee, MD, President of Partners Community Healthcare, Inc. discussing how Partners hospitals and community doctors are working to redesign care. Partners is launching condition-specific teams to develop care paths with the goal of defining how patient value is measured.

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