Interns, Residents, and Clinical Fellows may have different employers with separate benefit packages. Interns and Residents are employed by Partners, and Fellows are employed by their individual hospitals. The health benefit information below indicates elements specific to job role.

Professional Staff Benefits consultant for residents and fellows based at BWH is:

Jamie Tracy, (617) 713-2259, email

Professional Staff Benefits consultants for residents and fellows based at MGH are:

If your last name starts
• A-G: Susan Frain, (617) 726-9264
• H-O: Linda Gulla, (617) 726-9266
• P-Z: Virginia Rosales, (617) 724-9356

Employee Assistance Program

The Partners Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a voluntary workplace-based consultation, short-term counseling, information, and referral program for employees and their household members. Professional, licensed EAP counselors provide private, confidential, and safe assistance for all types of work/life, family, or personal concerns.

Fitness Benefits for BWH, MGH, and Partners Trainees

Partners, BWH and MGH employees are eligible to join either The Club at Charles River Park (MGH and Partners) or Bodyscapes (BWH and Partners) at a special hospital subsidized rate. For added convenience, the rate is automatically deducted from employees' paychecks.

BodyScapes - Partners and BWH trainees

The Club at Charles River Park - Partners and MGH trainees

Harvard Affiliation

Residents and Clinical Fellows who hold a Harvard Medical School (HMS) appointment are eligible for a variety of benefits, including access to the Harvard University shuttle transportation system. To gain access to most Harvard facilities you must obtain a Harvard photo ID card. All trainees are eligible for a temporary ID card. Badges are processed at the Kresge Building (677 Huntington Ave., 1st floor, Monday through Friday, 10a.m. to 2 p.m., 617-432-0389). You must have your photo taken beforehand. Please refer to the Harvard ID Badge Office website below for complete details, including locations to have your photo taken.

Please check out some of the other benefits available to residents and clinical fellows:

Information for International Medical Graduates

Through its program of certification, the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG®) assesses the readiness of international medical graduates to enter residency or fellowship programs in the United States that are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). The ECFMG offers a variety of other programs and services to physicians educated abroad and other members of the international medical community. Detailed information on ECFMG Certification requirements and other programs and services offered to foreign medical graduates can be found in the ECFMG Information Booklet

The Harvard International Office (HIO) offers visa processing services to research fellows at BWH and MGH and provides information on a wide range of topics, including information about travel, financial planning, social and cultural differences, as well as personal concerns. The HIO sponsors discussion groups for spouses, as well as advice on schools for children. HIO acts as a liaison with the U.S. government agencies that have jurisdiction over your stay here.

  • MASCO – Medical, Academic and Scientific Community Organization, INC.

MASCO and its family of organizations, including MASCO Services, Inc., the Longwood Medical Area Child Care Center, Inc., and the Colleges of the Fenway, Inc., offer a wide range of services including area planning and development, parking and transportation, collaborative programs, telecommunications and child care.  MASCO's mission is to pursue programs that promote a sense of community among its members and to create and deliver services more effectively.

The Partners Office for International Staff, Scholars, & Students (PIPS

The Partners Office for International Professionals & Students (PIPS) provides immigration services to all professional international staff. Processing of all non-immigrant staff, scholar and student visas (including J-1, J-2, H-1B, TN, O-1, F-1 and B-1/B-2 visas) is coordinated by the PIPS. The PIPS advises both the individual and the hiring department on initiating and extending the stay of international researchers and other professional staff.

Multicultural Affairs Office (MAO)

The Multicultural Affairs Office ("MAO") works closely with all departments at Mass General to help create a more welcoming environment - a place where students want to learn; residents want to train; and faculty want to stay and advance. We are not only helping translate the growing number of students underrepresented in medicine (URM) into future faculty leaders, but also working to enhance the quality of care for the increasingly diverse communities that MGH serves.

BWH Office for Multicultural Faculty Careers (OMC)

The Office for Multicultural Faculty Careers (OMC) at Brigham and Women’s Hospital provides hospital-wide leadership in the areas of recruitment , retention and advancement of underrepresented minority (URM) faculty, fellows, residents and students at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School. The OMC offers residents and fellows access to career development, leadership, funding opportunities, mentoring and networking events.

Transportation Information and Benefits

Cab Voucher Program for Housestaff

MBTA – Public Transit System – Includes the T and Commuter Rail

Employees and staff working 20 hours or more a week and without a parking deduction are eligible for this public transportation subsidy, which is only available through the payroll deduction. Employees with monthly parking privileges are not eligible to purchase a subsidized T pass. Employees must complete an application from the Payroll Office, Police and Security or Parking Department.

ZIPCAR: Discount for MGH employees


BWH Parking and T-Pass Information

Parking for residents and fellows is at the Mission Park Garage, 22 Vining Street, Boston, MA. The garage is one block away, directly across from the main entrance to the hospital. Employees are allowed to part in the parking facility ONLY while on duty. Residents and fellows who have payroll-deducted parking at MGH automatically get reciprocal parking at BWH at no additional charge; likewise residents and fellows who pay for parking at BWH and rotate to MGH are allowed to park at MGH at no additional charge.

Residents:      Payroll deducted parking          $ 120.00 per month
                          Pay as you go debit parking     $     7.00 per day

Fellows:          Payroll deducted parking          $ 168.00 per month
                         Pay as you go debit parking      $   10.00 per day
                                                                                 $     6.00 on weekends and holidays

All Employees: Overnight parking is free if you enter after 6:00 pm and exit before 9:00 am.

MBTA:                 All BWH-paid employees can enroll in any MBTA pass program at a discount of 50% of cost through payroll deduction. All PHS-paid employees need to sign-up for their MBTA through the MGH Parking Office. Please review MGH Commuter Policies for rates.

MGH Parking and T-Pass Information and Applications

This information and applications are for MGH residents and clinical fellows ONLY

MGH MBTA and Parking Policy

MGH MBTA Registration Form

MGH Parking Application


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