Incoming Residents and Clinical Fellows

Incoming residents and clinical fellows can find orientation and resources information below.

Information specific to incoming trainees at Brigham and Women’s Hospital-sponsored programs.

Information specific to incoming trainees at Massachusetts General Hospital-sponsored programs.


FAQs for residents and fellows transferring to a new program or hospital.

Salary and benefits may vary according to type of training program, category of hospital appointment, and institution so it is important for trainees to review information specific to their own training program.


Partners offers a lease guaranty to landlords. This serves in lieu of security and deposit costs that the tenant would otherwise be obligated to pay when signing a new lease.

The Partners Office of Resources for Trainees (PORT) serves as a resource regarding the many non-academic issues that impact resident and fellow quality of life.


Partners Professional Staff Benefits has developed a website to support essential on-boarding steps related to benefits, payroll and mandatory documentation as you begin your training at Partners.

Some fellowships receive industry support to help offset the cost of the fellowship program. Under new Federal law, the Physician Payments Sunshine Act ("Sunshine"), companies are required to report any direct and indirect payments and transfers of value to physicians and teaching hospitals.


Calendar Of Events


View events happening across the Partners HealthCare network.

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