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Jerry Jones, CT manager
Jerry Jones, RT (R, CT) started in an MGH High School career exposure program; he later participated in the previously offered Partners Medical Imaging Scholarship program. He continues to advance within MGH, and is now a certified Radiologic and CT Tech. Jerry was promoted in 2013 to an evening supervisor.

Partners HealthCare Workforce Development, a division of Human Resources, is committed to ensuring a highly qualified and diverse pipeline of health care professionals, while providing economic oportunity within the communities we serve.

At Partners HealthCare, Workforce Development efforts are focused on three main pipelines: youth, community residents, and incumbent workers. Our mission is to help individuals explore and pursue health care careers as well as to broaden their skills and continue to grow personally and professionally.

Resources such as academic advising, career coaching, online and on-site classes, training, financial assistance, and other initiatives have already helped hundreds of people to enter and succeed in health care careers throughout the Partners HealthCare system.  Find out how we can help you too!

See youth success stories here.

The goal of our youth programming is to support youth by engaging young people in science, exposing them to health careers and health professionals, supporting their school success, assisting them to prepare for and succeed in post-secondary education, and promoting healthy behaviors.

See community resident success stories here.

Learn about our long-standing community program, Partners in Career and Workforce Development (PCWD). This community pipeline program provides opportunities for community residents to gain skills and experience that will prepare them for jobs at Partners hospitals.


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These programs for Partners’ employees provide opportunities for skill development and advancement and include career planning and coaching, college readiness programming, and financial assistance for higher education. 

Learn more about Partners HealthCare's commitment to building a strong health care workforce through employment, training, and educational opportunities for individuals. Read success stories and watch videos from youth, community members and our current employees across the hospital network. 


Read about our career development success stories from our youth, community and currrent employee programs.

Explore links to resources related to financial management, housing/food/fuel assistance, web-based learning and more. 


Information on how to contact our key staff.


Workforce Development stories

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College for America

Partners HealthCare is currently collaborating with College for America, a subsidiary of Southern New Hampshire University, to offer several innovative, online, competency-based Associate (“AA”) and  Baccalaureate (“BA”) degree programs designed to increase access to higher education for working adults.

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Partners Online College Prep Program

The Partners Online Preparation Program (OCPP) uses multimedia presentations and a simulated online classroom to help students to learn about and prepare for online college classes.

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