Better Living: Fitzgerald Youth Sports Institute Youth Obesity Prevention

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The Fitzgerald Youth Sports Institute is partnering with Partners HealthCare, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Charlestown Community Health Center to teach young people in Boston how to make healthier choices when eating and drinking. Exercise specialists work with kids to help them understand just how much sugar they are drinking in sodas, juices, and sports drinks. The clip originally appeared on the Better Living season premiere, which had a theme of "connections".

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Step It Up

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Step It Up is a collaboration between Partners Community Health, Partners Center for Connected Health, DotWell, and the Boston Public Schools Health and Wellness Department. The program offered smart pedometers to second, third, and fourth-graders at two Dorchester public schools. More than 160 students and their teachers have been participating in this 13-week pilot program, clipping smart pedometers onto their shoes to record the number of steps taken. Each step was uploaded to computers in the classroom. In all, the students walked more than 50 million steps.