Success Story: Benni Arias Gonzalez

MGH Police and Security Intern

Program Participation: MGH Summer Jobs Program

Where is Benni Today?

Benni Arias Gonzalez is a sophomore at Framingham State University (FSU), where he is studying criminology as his major and psychology as his minor. His passion for law enforcement and protective services stems from the work he has done with MGH Police and Security through the MGH Center for Community Health Improvement’s Summer Jobs program over the past five years.

Benni Arias GonzalezBenni's Workforce Development Path

Benni first participated in the MGH Summer Jobs Program at the end of 8th grade in July 2008. While a student at the James P. Timilty Middle School in Roxbury, he learned about the Program and was excited about the opportunity to spend his summer working at MGH. This year, Benni will start his seventh year in the MGH Summer Jobs Program and sixth year within MGH Police and Security. He will continue to build upon his strong personal and professional skills that will help him throughout his college years and as he embarks on a career in law enforcement or security management.

What has Benni Gained from this Program?

“The best thing about participating in the MGH Summer Jobs Program is connecting with so many people throughout the MGH community and establishing a network of individuals who have taught me invaluable lessons and who I know I can go to for anything,” said Benni. “I have also learned how to work collaboratively with others and manage my time and money. Most importantly, I have learned to think about the big picture and to think of others before myself. This has had a profound impact on my life and my personality. The skills I have mastered and the connections I have made at MGH will help me be successful in all my future endeavors.”

“In addition, the MGH Summer Jobs Program is great for all students – you don’t have to be interested a medical field. I did not aspire to work in a clinical role, so I was fortunate to be paired with Police and Security, which led me to my chosen career path. You never know what your calling might be – you might find that your passion is saving someone’s life as a doctor or it might be ensuring the safety of all patients and visitors during their stay at the hospital.”

According to MGH Security Officer Ron Ruggiero, “Benni is self-motivated and eager to learn, and you can count on him to get all assigned tasks done correctly and on time. He has served as a role model for younger interns while continuing to develop his skills within the criminal justice field. Last summer, Benni played a major role in getting the department’s online Navigate program off the ground. Navigate allows dispatchers to inform officers responding to a call where emergency equipment is located. Benni is a shining example of how valuable and rewarding the MGH Summer Jobs Program is for students and for the MGH.”

Benni's Educational and Career Plans

Benni will graduate a semester early from FSU in December 2015, and he hopes to be hired by MGH Police and Security after graduation.

“I would be thrilled and honored to work in MGH Police and Security. I have literally grown up with this department and the incredible men and women who have been extremely supportive of me. I would like to continue this run until I have the opportunity to become a law enforcement officer in Boston so that I can help the people in my own community who are dealing with violence and the lack of adequate policing in our neighborhoods. I really just want to make a positive impact on the everyday lives of everyone in my community.”


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