Avery Nicholas, Camp Harbor View Camper and Codman Square Health Center Intern

Avery Nicholas, a Dorchester resident, has a bright future ahead of him. Nicholas is currently in his senior year of high school at Another Course to College (ACC) High School in Brighton where he aspires to be a nurse, and has five years of learning and leadership experience at Camp Harbor View to help him achieve his goals.

Nicholas first attended Camp Harbor View on Boston’s Long Island for two years as a camper and then went on  to become a Leader – in -Training for the past three summers. Camp has been a fun way for Nicholas to spend his summers, and it has also proved to be much more than that. He hopes to be a better leader for kids throughout his life and says his experiences at the camp are helping him to achieve that goal.   

Intern Avery Nicholas (left) talks with Daniel Awad, RN, at the Codman Square Health Center.

Through a partnership between Camp Harbor View and Partners HealthCare, Nicholas has also taken part in activities that have helped him envision his future.  Each summer Partners hosts career fairs at the camp. Dozens of Partners HealthCare professionals travel out to the camp, share their expertise with the campers, and explain more about their careers and educations. Campers have the opportunity to talk with Partners employees from across the system, take part in interactive health care-related activities, and learn more about the many professional opportunities that exist in the health care field.


"The career fair is such a great addition to the camp’s Knowledge Is Power curriculum and the kids love it. Our partnership with Partners HealthCare and the career fair is a wonderful way to expand campers’ visions for their future,” said Cara Gould, director of Camp Harbor View.

The career fair was a particularly exciting day for Nicholas, as it also inspired him to pursue an internship, which developed through the conversations he had during the career fair and with camp leaders.

After the July 2013 session of camp, Nicholas began a two week internship at Codman Square Health Center in August. Codman is a familiar place to Nicholas and his family – he and his sister have been Codman patients all their lives. Nicholas’ internship allowed him to experience the other side of the waiting room while he worked job-shadowing nurses in internal medicine and conducting surveys about patient experience. Being in this professional environment as an intern helped reaffirm Nicholas’ interest in health care. “It made me even more excited to pursue my goal of becoming a nurse,” Nicholas said. “My internship experience gave me a new, deeper understanding of everything the job requires.”

Lisa Golden-Nicholas, Nicholas’ mother, has noticed the impact the Camp Harbor View experience has had on her son; “I truly believe what he learned as a camper and as an employee of Camp Harbor View has helped him commit to his career path and work hard to achieve his goals.”

Codman Square Health Center staff truly appreciated Nicholas’ contribution to the health center during his internship. “It was a special benefit to have Nicholas at Codman. When there was shortage of staff, Nicholas was able to step into a needed role and there was never a stop in the flow of the workday,” said Trudy Griffin, staff member at Codman Square Health Center. “While working with Nicholas, we stopped thinking of him as an intern and saw him as another staff member. I would recommend that Nicholas return to Codman next summer for an internship. Camp Harbor View should be proud to send Avery Nicholas to any site. He represented them to the utmost.”   

For Partners HealthCare leaders, being part of the Camp Harbor View program and helping young adults like Nicholas achieve their career goals aligns with the Partners mission.

“Expanding the economic and educational opportunities available to Boston’s youth is central to our mission at Partners HealthCare, as we know opportunity is critical to improving community health,” said Matt Fishman, Partners Vice President for Community Health. “We are excited about the contributions Avery Nicholas will continue to make over the course of his life. He is a powerful example of the impact effective programs and mentors can have on the life of a young person—everyone is looking forward to witnessing his future accomplishments!”

Learn more about Camp Harbor View and the Partners career fairs.  View more photos of Nicholas working at Codman Square Health Center.


Better Living: Camp Harbor View

Camp Harbor View, on Long Island in Boston Harbor, is more than just a summer camp.  It offers hundreds of children from the city a chance to participate in the joys of summer camp in a naturally beautiful setting and counselors stay connected to campers and their families all year long. Partners HealthCare has sponsored the camp since it began in 2007, and is pleased to support its knowledge sharing lessons, skills building activities, and leadership opportunities for youth. Campers not only learn about each other but about health and wellness through many activities offered at the camp- from athletic games to learning about health care.

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