Bianca Glover, Camp Harbor View Camper and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Intern

Bianca Glover, a Dorchester resident and senior at Fenway High School in Boston, has a bright future ahead of her. Glover aspires to become a pharmacist, and has five years of learning and leadership experience at Camp Harbor View and a recent internship at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, a Partners Hospital, to help her achieve her goals.

Glover first attended Camp Harbor View on Boston’s Long Island as a camper for two years, and has since gone on to become a Leader-in-Training at camp for the past three summers. Camp has been a great way for Glover to spend her summers, and it has also helped Glover explore her dream of working in health care further.

A partnership between Camp Harbor View and Partners HealthCare helped Glover clearly visualize her future goals in health care.

Each summer, Partners hosts career fairs at the camp. Dozens of Partners HealthCare professionals travel out to the camp and share their expertise with the campers about their careers and their educations. The campers have the opportunity to talk with employees from across the system, take part in interactive health care-related activities, and learn more about the many professional opportunities that exist in the health care field.

Bianca Glover
Bianca Glover, Camp Harbor View Leader-in-Training, seen here working at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

"The career fair is such a great addition to the camp’s Knowledge Is Power curriculum and the kids love it. Our partnership with Partners HealthCare and the career fair is a wonderful way to expand campers’ visions for their future,” said Cara Gould, director of Camp Harbor View.

Laura Kelly, physical therapist at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in Framingham, participates in the career fairs each year and this year she caught Glover’s eye.

“Bianca approached me at camp this year and expressed an interest in finding an internship in either pharmacy or laboratory,” said Kelly. She asked if I would be able to help her find the right person to set this up. I was impressed by Bianca's confidence in asking for help in getting an internship.”

Glover’s efforts paid off well, as Laura was able to connect Glover with the right people at Spaulding and she quickly became an intern with Sami Kobeissi, Director of Pharmacy at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston.

 “I loved my internship at Spaulding Rehab Hospital! I got to do everything I expected to do in pharmacy such as restocking medicines, packing and labeling medicines, and filling out charts of each medicine cycle and counting them,” she said.  

This hands-on experience was helpful for Glover.

“I was able to work one-on-one with professional pharmacists and learn about their responsibilities and their journeys to becoming pharmacists. I still want to pursue a career in pharmacy and the internship made it clear for me.”

Sami Kobeissi and his team also welcomed and appreciated Glover’s presence.  

“Bianca was a team player—she was willing to learn and get involved in any part of the pharmacy operations,” said Kobeissi. “She was always on time, professional, and serious about her rotation.”

Kobeissi reiterated the value of these experiences for young people. “Internships can spark or confirm a passion for a career in health care and help young people figure out their pathway to success.”

Partners has established its partnership with Camp Harbor View and offers the careers fairs with exactly this sentiment in mind.

“Expanding economic and educational opportunities available to Boston’s youth is central to our mission at Partners HealthCare, as we know opportunity is critical  to improving community health,” said Matt Fishman, Partners Vice President for Community Health. “We’re happy Bianca had such a positive experience. She’s a wonderful example of the impact programs and caring adults like Laura and Sami can have on the life of a young person.”

Learn more about Camp Harbor View and the Partners career fairs. 


Better Living: Camp Harbor View

Camp Harbor View, on Long Island in Boston Harbor, is more than just a summer camp.  It offers hundreds of children from the city a chance to participate in the joys of summer camp in a naturally beautiful setting and counselors stay connected to campers and their families all year long. Partners HealthCare has sponsored the camp since it began in 2007, and is pleased to support its knowledge sharing lessons, skills building activities, and leadership opportunities for youth. Campers not only learn about each other but about health and wellness through many activities offered at the camp- from athletic games to learning about health care.

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