Meet our Temps

Let six Bulfinch Temps – a student, a retiree, a career changer, a returning Bostonian and two temps who became full-time employees - tell you how their temporary assignments have fit their needs and moved their skills and careers forward.

Bulfinch has allowed Cindy to gain valuable experience in the health care field while she attends school.

Joan had a successful 40-year career as a manager in a large state agency before retiring and becoming a patient observer.


When James' last government position was eliminated due to budget cuts, Bulfinch was able to see beyond his job titles to his skill set.

Jasmine has been a Bulfinch Temp twice, once before moving to Colorado, and once again after she returned to the Boston area.


Bulfinch gave Cheryl steady employment in her new chosen field as a Medical Assistant after working in financial services for more than 20 years.

Aaron worked through nursing school as a Bulfinch Temp, and his experience ultimately helped him to land a full time job when he finished his schooling.



Hiring Process

Find a snapshot of what to expect when applying for a Bulfinch temporary opportunity.

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Location of Bulfinch Temporary Service Office

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