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Partners Commitment to Quality and Transparency


Partners HealthCare is committed to making patient care better each day, across all parts of our system. We have long been transparent with the public about our progress on efforts to improve quality.  In fact, an entire portion of this website is dedicated to patients, families, researchers, health care providers and policy makers who want to better understand how we are doing this.

This progress report not only explains how Partners is improving quality, but also the safety and efficiency of patient care.

In many, cases, we compare our performance to national benchmarks. These are practices widely accepted as "best" for certain types of care. But, in some cases, no benchmarks exist. In those cases, we set our own best practice standards or goals, and use these as our points of reference.  In either case, our primary goal is to measure, track and publish how we are doing.

Our Quality, Safety, and Efficiency website tracks our progress on meeting quality and safety goals, and will keep you posted on our efforts going forward, so please check back often.


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